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Commission - Road Rescue

This video was a commission for Road Rescue. The intent of the video is to showcase the invention of a box you'd place in a car that sends signals to nearby emergency centers in case of a car crash.

This project was my first big order. It allowed me to learn a lot about working with a client and how to go about doing so.

Some of the requierments for this task:

-30 to 60 seconds

-For commercial usage

-Showcasing the customer's logo

-Showcasing the sales product

Pre production

The production started with a rough story board I doodled the day I got in contact with the client. They had a deadline of 2 weeks, so I needed to be effective about my work.

Once they approved the storyboard doodle I made a contract which we both signed. Afterwards I made a more polished storyboard which you can see below. I made this so there wouldn't be any miscommunication in the process.

Once the storyboard was set, I started on creating the designs you can see to the right. I made sure to incluede the designs of the vechile as that's what the audience will end up looking at the most during the movie.

Due to how short the film would end up being, as well as the time constraint, I decided to not make an animatic for this project. Instead I wanted to focus my effort in making the animation as polished as possible.

Artboard 1-80.jpg


The backgrounds were all made with Adobe Illustrator. I liked the idea of having very round shapes in the background to make the commercial feel more welcoming.

I also had somewhat unsaturated colors that were dark so the cars and people in the story would be the main focus of the story.

Artboard 1-100.jpg


When it came time to animate, I had pretty clear instructions on how I would animate everything. I decided to animate in After Effects. The software is fitting for making animations that are done in a shorter time frame while remaining quality. I had earlier worked with Moho, earlier Anime studio. It had a lot of the tools that After Effects has so it was easy for me to get used to animating with After Effects. After Effects had even more features than Moho, so it was a bliss and joy to work with. 

While working on this commission I was also learning even more about After Effects at school (HiVolda). I feel like using this commission as an exercise allowed me to learn a lot more off school while giving me some mental space from the school project it self.

Overall the animation process went by very smoothly and

I couldn't had wished for anything else.

road rescue fylke.PNG


After weeks of hard work, the film was finally finished. What did the customer think?

Long story short: They were very pleased with the end product. They went ahead and presented the commercial in the regional gründer championship. They ran off with first place for best commercial film.

They also got elected to represent Trøndelag in the norwegian championship.

Way to go Road Rescue!

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