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School task - Peoplecinno

My first student year at Volda we had a month long course in Adobe After Effects. We were given a task where we got 3 random words and had to make a film in After Effects about it.

The words I were given were:




I used these words to recreate a very memorable scene at the climax of "Toy Story 3". I made my own version which was more comical and whimsical.

Pre production

The pre production phase started already when I was given the prompt list I had to follow. I needed to turn these prompts into a shot list to understand how big this project would turn out. We were advised to make it underneath a minute long.

Once the shot list was set I made an animatic. I would later deviate from the animatic without remaking the animatic over again with the changes I added to the movie. The animatic was too long so I had to find creative ways to shorten it.

Then I modeled the people and mugs. I ended up changing the colors of the people.

human charas.png
Artboard 1.png
peoplecinno shot list.PNG


The animatic was created using Photoshop to draw the sketches, and later edited in Premiere Pro. Both of which are industry standard Adobe softwares.

The film is set in an alternative universe where coffee drinks humans at human bars. It is a bit sick, twisted, confusing and playful.

The animatic set a good starting point for making the finished film.


This text is still in the process of writing. Thanks for understanding.

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