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Commission - Game trailer

This video was a commission for Rascal Devworks. The intent of the video is to create more engagement and excitement about their newest release, Sigh of the Abyss.

For the project, the client had already an idea for how they wanted the video to be. They gave me all the assets I needed, as well as a rough draft for the editing style.

Some of the requierments for this task:

-Mysterious feeling

-Animated smoke

-Showcasing all the characters

-Create interest around the

release of the Kickstarter



-Fit for Kickstarter and Steam
-One week turnaround time

-Commercial usage

-Roughly 1 min long

Experimentation, smoke

The part of this production that took the longest was experimentation. I made multiple attempts at getting the smoke effect just right.

It was very important that it had enough movement to make the eye go to the smoke, without stealing the attention of the text.

I made 3 different versions of the smoke. The top one being the first one, the second was an almost but it felt like it took too much attention, and the third one was where I had struck gold.

The client was very sattesfied with the final effect. The effect was achieved using a multitude of After Effects effects.

The client was part of the entire process and was kept updated for every iteration I made. After communication back and forth I am happy that I created a smoke animation the customer was sattesfied with.

Comp 1.gif
Comp 2.gif
smoke example_2.gif
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